The Mould Less® damp meter, the simple way to keep your home FREE FROM DAMP

The Mould Less® damp meter

The Mould Less® damp meter helps by monitoring and measuring the damp air in your home, the needle shows you when to act, which means you only open windows when needed, saving you money on your energy costs. With Mould Less® close at hand a happy healthy home is within your grasp. Mould often grows when there is high air moisture or too much air moisture hits a cold surface. This meter helps you see when things are getting better or worse so you can take action.

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The MOULD-LESS® hygrometer is used by

• Parents with asthmatic children • Homeowners • Private landlords
• Council Housing Departments • Housing Associations

Save Energy

Open windows only when needed.
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Know when to act

Before mould takes control.
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Control mould

You too can have a Mould-Less home.
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Where to Install

The product should be stood or hung with plenty of air around the device. Ideal places to stand it are on a wardrobe, wall, shelves or cabinet. Keep it away from sunlight, heat or electrical devices. Stand it in rooms where you would not expect to get damp, like bedrooms, living room, hall or lobby, or anywhere where you would like to observe the damp in the air. Also in dark shady cold rooms that don't get much sunlight. Allow the Mould Less® to stand for one hour before taking a reading. Make sure there is plenty of air flow around and behind the device.

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On a wardrobe

On a shelf

On the wall

Red means act now! Ideas to control mould

Cover pans
Stop moisture travelling
Or get it outside
Cold first in bath
Windows opened? Windows closed?
Do the opposite!